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TV Club: Earn learns on the job as Atlanta gets back to “normal”

“That’s how the runnings go/If there ain’t no dough then there ain’t no show/So take your roly-poly fat promoter [ass] to the Chemical Bank/And get my cash” — A Tribe Called Quest, “Rap Promoter

All it takes is one trip to the club for Atlanta to go from being a fish-out-of-his-depth story to a fish-out-of-water story. Earn has always looked misplaced in his new hip hop milieu, owing to the fact that he presents himself like a nerdcore rapper rather than adopting a new look or a new way to show up when he walks into a space. But he’s never looked more out of place than in “The Club,” which finds Earn accompanying Alfred to an underwhelming club appearance and spending the night in pursuit of Chris (Lucius Baston), the establishment’s shady owner. No one wants to be at the club less …

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