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Taste Test: We take a swig of Kettle Brand’s Moscow mule potato chips

Let’s imagine ourselves at Kettle Brand potato chips headquarters in Salem, Oregon. The end of the fiscal year approaches, and Kettle knows it needs a big hit to meet its annual sales goals. One eager marketing associate, just a few years out of college—let’s call him “Miles”—speaks up, his young, confident voice echoing in the vast boardroom filled with veteran potato chips executives. “All my millennial friends are into craft cocktails,” Miles says. “Can’t we turn that into a Kettle Brand potato chip?” “Miles, my son,” bellows fourth-generation chip magnate Olaf Kettleson IV, a Cohiba cigar dangling from the side of his lips. “If there’s anything you’ll learn at Kettle Brand potato chips, it’s that you can make a goddamn chip out of anything!”

Whether or not this scene actually took place, here we are at its conclusion: After lengthy market research …

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