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Newswire: Stream Communist Daughter’s pleasingly melancholy sophomore album

Some albums just feel like the end of summer, or the final rays of light in a sunset—a settling-in process that sounds both comforting and forlorn. The Cracks That Built The Walls, the second album from Midwest band Communist Daughter, captures that pleasingly melancholy mood, as though the music were mourning the end of a long day, while still welcoming the coming quiet. Fittingly, the continual harmonies of Johnny and Molly Solomon are paired to songs both hushed and driving, always riding that fine line between rocking out and holding back.

Like a more expansive Grandaddy, only fused to the melodies of Yo La Tengo and armed with a rootsy Americana vibe, Communist Daughter’s latest record is now streaming exclusively at The A.V. Club, in advance of its October 21 release (which you can pre-order now). Tour dates for the group are listed below.

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