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Newswire: Ang Lee’s complete Billy Lynn experiment will only be shown in 2 theaters

During a breakfast preceding the Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk premiere last Friday, producer Marc Platt explained that the full 3-D, 4K, 120 fps experience will an “exclusive” deal: Only two theaters, one in New York and another in Los Angeles, will be able to show the extent of Ang Lee’s technical experiment. That night, New York Film Festival audiences watched the movie in its intended form at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13, the film’s New York outpost.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the ArcLight Hollywood is “believed to be under consideration” to be the West Coast equivalent. THR also noted that theaters in Taipei, Beijing, and Shanghai will likely be outfitted. As we previously reported, Platt explained that many locations will be able to show the film with the high frame rate, but it will be “blended down” to fit with various capabilities. “Most every …

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