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My World Of Flops: Going 4 it! case file #72: Corey Feldman’s solo musical career

My World Of Flops is Nathan Rabin’s survey of books, television shows, musical releases, or other forms of entertainment that were financial flops, critical failures, or lack a substantial cult following.

There are a lot of fascinating elements of Corey Feldman’s career-making/breaking performance of “Go 4 It” on The Today Show. Such as Doc Ice getting Corey Feldman to “twerk,” a move generally associated with desirable young women and not middle-aged former child stars in excessively tight jeans. Then there was Feldman’s tackiness of dressing his Corey’s Angels backing band up in skimpy virginal white lingerie, complete with angel wings and halos, and his curious description of the Angels as being a cross between the seminal all-girl rock band The Runaways and actual runaways he plucked off the street to create his curious vision of a rock band capitalizing on female sexuality. Feldman described the …

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