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Movie Review: Rob Zombie sends in the clowns with his abysmal death-match thriller 31

The films of Rob Zombie, shock rocker turned grindhouse revivalist, usually have more attitude than they do raw terror. Yes, the guy who made The Devil’s Rejects can provoke the hell out of a gag reflex—his down-and-dirty throwbacks lay on the carnage with a trowel—and he’s certainly learned how to approximate the look and feel, the outsider-art griminess, of the cult classics he reveres. But for Zombie, who cut his teeth behind the camera of his own music videos, each gig is also an extension of his graveyard-boogie brand. He doesn’t direct movies so much as throw elaborate Halloween (or Halloween) parties: His friends and family are usually there in costume, the theme is almost always “hillbilly horror,” and who needs a DJ when the local classic-rock station is pumping out the super sounds of the 1970s?

Zombie’s new movie, 31, is all attitude …

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