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Movie Review: Michael Moore finds focus (and technical glitches) in TrumpLand

Michael Moore typically takes five to seven years between his films, presumably because his feature-length essays take a while to conceive, shoot, and assemble. So it’s especially surprising to see a Moore film hitting theaters and the internet less than a year after his last project. Michael Moore In TrumpLand was completed and surprise-released just this week, and rather than sending Moore all over the country (or world, as in his recent Where To Invade Next), it plants him in a single location: Wilmington, Ohio, a Trump-supporting town in a swing state. This is essentially a concert film, compiled from two nights of appearances at the Murphy Theatre in Wilmington, where Moore brought in a mixture of Hillary Clinton supporters, disgruntled Bernie Sanders fans willing to vote third party or not at all, and (supposed) potential Donald Trump voters to fill out the audience. The diverse crowds then listened …

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