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Great Job, Internet!: Watch a new short film from the writer of Doctor Strange

Fallen angels—by definition, they’re supposed to be assholes. But what if you were the only one who could see them? That’s the intriguing premise posed by As They Continue To Fall, a new six-minute-long short penned by C. Robert Cargill, the writer of Sinister and Doctor Strange. An unknown man, weathered and beaten, looks to take out one of the formerly heaven-dwelling flyers as we get snippets of his life, past and present. The director, Nikhil Bhagat, keeps things dimly lit, both visually and narratively, as it raises as many questions as it answers. Short films, by necessity of length, are about introducing concepts and stories without providing full conclusions, unless you want to turn your mini-movie into a cinematic hallmark card, so the spark of imagination triggered by the limited time frame plays a huge role. And by that standard, this is a damn cool little …

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