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Great Job, Internet!: Like tears in rain, it’s Blade Runner rendered in Microsoft Paint

The faces are ghostly white and weirdly round in shape. Bright, Crayola-esque colors dominate the wardrobe and set dressing. And clunky looking, oversize word balloons hover over the characters’ heads. But, still, there’s no mistaking it: This is Blade Runner, all right. Artist David MacGowan has been faithfully if crudely recreating the dystopian 1982 sci-fi classic in Microsoft Paint on a shot-by-shot basis and posting the results to his Tumblr blog, MSP Blade Runner. He started on July 18 with this whimsical rendition of the opening credits sequence. Note that Sir Run Run Shaw’s name has been changed to “A-Do Run Run A-Do Run Run” in homage to The Crystals’ 1963 classic. That’s the first indication that MSP Blade Runner will be taking a slightly skewed approach to its source material.

Illustration: David MacGowan (Screenshot: Tumblr)

MacGowan has been progressing steadily through the Ridley Scott film ever …

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