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Great Job, Internet!: A vlogger finds out whether VHS was really as lousy as people remember

People who still remember the Video Home System (VHS) tend to think of the analog format as being of distinctly crappy quality, lacking fine details and plagued by glitches, noise, and distortion. But do vintage videotapes really deserve that crummy reputation? Actually, they do. At least that’s the conclusion reached in an episode of the YouTube tech series The 8-Bit Guy called “VHS Tapes – Were They As Bad As We Remember?”

VHS might have revolutionized the home entertainment industry and changed the course of popular culture during the Reagan years, but it did no favors to the the art directors, cinematographers, and wardrobe designers who did their best to make movies look good back then. The host of The 8-Bit Guy proves this with a simple demonstration using three different editions of Back To The Future. He compares a version of the 1985 comedy ripped from Blu-ray with a …

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