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TV Review: The odds are stacked against Chance

The new Hulu drama Chance sees Hugh Laurie and Kem Nunn revisiting familiar, respective territories. The erstwhile Dr. House is once again playing an eponymous physician in need of some healing of his own, while series creator Nunn’s adapted his own novel for the small screen. But instead of solving hourly mysteries, Laurie’s latest iteration of a self-destructive doctor is on a season-long tear to find out how quickly his life can go up in flames. Nunn incorporates his noir tendencies and street-hewn philosophy once more, except the combination isn’t nearly as effective this time around.

At first glance, Eldon Chance is a peculiar choice for the kind of everyman who stumbles upon a world of intrigue in these gritty stories. As a forensic neuropsychiatrist, he regularly crosses the aisle in his practice, alternately serving as an expert witness for the defense and prosecution. So he should …

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