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TV Club: Timeless settles down and shapes up

Competency can be a double-edged sword, and Timeless provides a perfect example of that in “Atomic City,” its third (and mostly pretty good) episode. On the one hand, the show seems to have finally come together into something cohesive, something relatively tonally consistent with an effective structure and dramatic arc. We start with a glimpse of Lucy’s personal life, now totally unfamiliar to her, then she gets a call from ”work,” and figures out where Flynn has taken the Mothership (or, as we’ll call it here, the Big Ball of Timey-Wimey Travel). After that we get an enigmatic chat between Rufus and Connor Mason, some light banter inside the Big Ball, and we’re off to a mission that will probably include at least one major historical figure and another, more minor figure who serves as the episode’s focal point.

It works! But the other edge of …

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