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TV Club: The Mindy Project settles for safe with “Margaret Thatcher”

If last week, The Mindy Project was flirting with giving Dr. Mindy Lahiri a new love interest, this week it’s downright Frenching the idea.

As we enter this week’s episode, the nurses are still on strike, though that hasn’t stopped Mindy from phoning handsome pediatric nurse Ben for help every time her unseen baby Leo gets something stuck up his nose or in his ear. This eventually ends in a kiss, because of course it does, and by the end of the episode, they’re romantically entangled on Mindy’s stoop, our heroine’s insistence that she wanted to be single be damned. What the heck? Know thy single self, Mindy.

This stinks for a number or reasons, not the least of which is that this means that Jody, her loyal coworker and recent paramour is getting the shaft. As Jody points out during the episode, it …

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