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TV Club: Smackdown! Live is everything you love about pro wrestling

It’s not always easy to pin down exactly what it is about professional wrestling that makes its audience so damn passionate. It can be even harder to explain as an adult. “You know it’s fake, right?” is the first thing any adult wrestling fan will hear when they proclaim their love for all things sports entertainment. Hell, I’m only one week removed from Canadian Thanksgiving and my 11-year-old cousin laughing at me as he flipped to Monday Night Raw and joked about me loving to watch something that was so clearly fake. (Note: one minute later Rich Swann executed a beautiful head scissors takedown and said 11-year-old cousin popped for it, so soon enough he’ll be buying shirts from It can truly be hard to explain the appeal of pro wrestling because it’s often thought of as childish, one of the few “guilty …

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