A.V. Club

TV Club: Ghost Rider materializes just in time on a revealing Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

It’s odd that our actions are so often ascribed to our moods or views of ourselves. Whether you like yourself or not, your treatment of others doesn’t seem to vary, so much as the way you treat yourself. When Daisy began blaming herself for Lincoln’s death, and abandoned the team, she didn’t turn evil, or start being unnecessarily cruel. She continued to fight the good fight, just in her own way, and has largely only caused physical distress on her own person (bad guys notwithstanding). When James was given what he always wanted—to become an Inhuman—only to learn he couldn’t stand himself in this new form, he lashed out at others. In both cases, it seems, switching their opinion of themselves only made them become more of who they already were, albeit it in inverse ways. They’re not turning into different people …

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