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TV Club: A New Girl about compromises doesn’t compromise on laughs

Don’t get excited by “Jaipur-Aviv”’s first-act promise of a day spent stripping. Like Winston, you know Schmidt and Cece mean they’ll be stripping old wallpaper from the inexplicably sticky walls of their new house. If the events of the day make only a token gesture to the tedious work of wallpaper stripping, well, that’s the kind of compromise sitcoms have to make. Instead, the show acquaints the audience with a new space, gently incorporating Jaipur-Aviv (Schmidt’s name for the house “celebrates the union of India and Israel that their marriage represents”) into New Girl’s landscape.

Even as the characters and camera explore a new setting, the plot revolves around the old space. When Jess suggests they find a replacement roommate, Winston notices for the first time that “this loft is enormous” and runs off searching for echoes, leaving Nick and Jess to talk about …

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