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Newswire: R.I.P. Ted V. Mikels, prolific exploitation filmmaker

American independent filmmaker Ted V. Mikels died yesterday at his home in Las Vegas after an unspecified “long illness,” according to The Las Vegas Review-Journal. While Mikels filmed a Brylcreem commercial with Joe DiMaggio and a promo reel for Chris Rock, he will be best remembered by fans of cult cinema, sci-fi and horror thanks to films such as The Black Klansman, Girl In Gold Boots, and The Astro-Zombies. He was 87.

Mikels was born Theodore Mikacevich in St. Paul Minnesota. As a youth, Mikels dabbled in photography and acting, as well as performing magic, acrobatics, and fire-eating. He discovered filmmaking when he began shooting his own performances. “I figured out that you have to move the camera around to get different angles, and then you have to edit the film when you’re done,” the director told Unitshifter in 2008.

Mikels moved to Bend, Oregon in the 1950s …

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