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Newswire: Apple scraps iPlans to build its own iCar

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple has scaled back its plans for developing a self-driving car. Codenamed Project Titan, the company’s push to enter the car market goes back to 2014. Apple has amassed a dedicated facility, assembled over 1,000 employees to the project, and even recruited the leadership of former Ford engineer Steve Zadesky. Zadesky departed Apple back in January as frictions over strategic direction escalated.

Most employees in the Titan program are either being reassigned or leaving the company, as Apple shifts from delivering a complete car to designing an autonomous system. In other words, by focusing on the brains of a smart car, Apple is free to partner with a traditional automobile company. But whether or not we get to plug our sleek, perfectly designed crossover SUV into an Apple lightning port remains to be seen. Part of the strategic shift includes a deadline; the new …

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