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Donald Trump Trolled by Arabic Billboard in Michigan

Donald Trump will need to learn Arabic if he wants to understand a new billboard in Michigan that bears his name.

The phrase on the billboard translates as, “Donald Trump doesn’t know what this means but he’s scared of it anyway.” It was posted near Dearborn, which has a high number of Arab-American citizens.

The billboard was paid for by a PAC called the Nuisance Committee, which was set up by the people behind the card game Cards Against Humanity.

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“We intentionally did not put the translation on the board,” committee spokesperson Melissa Harris told WWJ Newsradio 950. “I like the idea of people who do not speak Arabic have to ask their friends who do speak Arabic for them to translate the board for them.”

“We’re not name-calling, we’re not insulting… We’re simply pointing out that his fear, Donald Trump’s fear of Muslims and of immigrants is wholly irrational,” Harris continued. “It is not based in fact, and we hope this exposes, you know, what we feel is the true motivation behind his hateful rhetoric, which is fear, irrational fear.”

Trump caused significant controversy when he proposed a ban on Muslim immigrants entering the country in the wake of the mass shooting in San Bernardino, which was carried out by a Muslim man and his wife.

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