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Coming Distractions: New Legion teaser questions the line between “crazy” and “super-powered mutant”

Lately, FX has been dropping a lot of teasers for Legion, Fargo creator Noah Hawley’s new X-Men-related series, but we still don’t really have much of a sense of what the show will be like. That mysteriousness is played up a little in this new trailer, which sees Dan Stevens’ David Haller questioning whether or not anything he’s experiencing is real. He thinks he’s crazy, but the mysterious people keeping tabs on him seem to know more about Haller than even he does (possibly because of his famous parentage). As it turns out, Haller isn’t crazy, he’s just one of the most powerful mutants in the whole world—though he may be crazy as well. The end of this teaser also has a bit of a Mr. Robot-vibe, with Haller specifically asking if the things he sees are real, but hopefully his …

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