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TV Club: Supergirl grapples with ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

Change can be hard, which is something both Supergirl (the person) and Supergirl (the show) realize. Though it’s still recognizably the same series it was last year, this new CW iteration of Supergirl is making adjustments both big and small. And rather than simply barrel forward with those changes in place, “The Last Children Of Krypton” allows both its heroine and its audience the chance to grapple with those shifts head-on. Change is a slightly meta theme for the show to tackle this week, but given that Supergirl has never been shy about turning subtext into text, it also feels like an appropriate one. After the delightful Superman-heavy excursion of “The Adventures Of Supergirl,” “The Last Children Of Krypton” focuses first and foremost on setting the table for season two.

The biggest changes occur over at CatCo. Not only does Kara have to adjust to her misanthropic new boss …

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