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TV Club: On Raw, Goldberg is next, and that’s actually pretty awesome

Why is Goldberg going to fight Brock Lesnar 12 years after the guy last stepped into the ring, WWE or otherwise? It’s easy enough to come up with out-of-universe reasons. Whatever its in-ring merits, Goldberg-Lesnar II figures to be a big money match. It helps promote the video game. And hey, pairing Lesnar off with a returning legend effectively keeps him away from the full-timers, none of whom have been built up enough to plausibly compete with him and none of whom could lose to him without risking their credibility. (I’d be willing to hear an argument for Chris Jericho, actually, but then he’s a returning legend who just happens to be a full-timer.) Those are understandable reasons, sure, but they’re not compelling. Those aren’t reasons a fan, casual or hardcore, should tune into Survivor Series next month to see a match that isn’t …

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