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Newswire: Stephen Colbert and Chris Gethard make election night bearable with live specials

Even with less than a month left before this election cycle is over and Lady Liberty can go home and take off her bra with a blissful sigh of relief, the wait until November 8 (not 28, no matter what Trump says) still seems interminable. By the time the polls have closed, we may be twitching and frantically picking at our skin from stress, kind of like Ashley Judd in that movie Bug. And watching the results come rolling in isn’t likely to help. But luckily for our nation’s collective fingernails, Stephen Colbert and Chris Gethard are here to make our election-night experiences at least a little more pleasant.

Fulfilling vague promises he made a couple of months back, Colbert has now announced that he will be doing a live election-night special on Showtime, beginning November 8 at 11 p.m. ET/ 8 p.m. PT. Called Stephen …

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