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Newswire: Pamela Anderson accused of trying to kill Julian Assange with veggie sandwich

As WikiLeaks continues to dump hacked emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, the Clinton camp—after weeks of refusing to dignify them—is now readying a response that will frame them as a criminal conspiracy akin to Watergate, placing the blame on a possible collusion between Donald Trump’s advisers, Russian intelligence, and WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange. For Clinton, it’s an attempt to stave off any potential political damage from what they have revealed—and might reveal still—by characterizing their publication as morally repugnant, hoping that this rhetoric is enough to sway her detractors. But there’s a far simpler solution: Clinton could just have Pamela Anderson kill Assange with a sandwich.

That was the theory that rapidly spread across Twitter and Reddit yesterday, anyway, thanks to a confluence of events that began when the Baywatch star dropped by the Ecuadoran Embassy in London. Anderson told the …

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