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Newswire: Difficult People will kvetch for a third season on Hulu

Julie and Billy will return to Hulu to bitch and strive. The streaming service confirmed that Julie Klausner’s comedy, Difficult People, is getting a third season. The next installment will consist of 10 episodes and premiere sometime in 2017. Klausner and her pal Billy Eichner star as two cantankerous New Yorkers who aspire to show business success, but are continually thwarted by their own bad attitudes. Reviewing season two, The A.V. Club wrote “that Julie and Billy are total assholes, and if they’re the subspecies of asshole you find delightful—imagine Joel McHale’s The Soup in people form—you’ll enjoy their company.” Klausner and her crew typically recruit a litany of high profile guest stars. The most recent outing featured Julianne Moore, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Method Man, among others. Meanwhile, Eichner’s other gig, Billy On The Street, returns in November.

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