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Coming Distractions: Alec Baldwin voices a Jack Donaghy in diapers in The Boss Baby teaser

DreamWorks’ The Boss Baby looks like an unholy mix between 30 Rock, Look Who’s Talking, and that Saturday Night Live sketch where Beck Bennett plays a businessman with the motor skills of an infant. Alec Baldwin voices the titular child, a preternaturally verbal tyke perpetually outfitted in a mini-suit, whose presence enrages his older brother Tim (Miles Bahski). Their parents (Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel) are somehow oblivious to the fact that this small being carries a briefcase and is viciously averse to being helped hold his bottle. Baldwin isn’t stretching much as this sushi-loving brat: He sounds like a miniature, animated version of Jack Donaghy.

This endeavor is directed by DreamWorks veteran Tom McGrath, who was behind the Madagascar franchise. The Boss Baby will wail into theaters March 31.

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