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Comics Panel: Creep yourself out with the spooky comic book Touching Evil

Comic book horror tends to fall into one of two general categories: gore or psychological. It’s tough to do jump scares in comics, but in the last few years creators have become increasingly good at building anticipation and unleashing fear in measured, careful bites. Touching Evil Volume 1: Curse Escapes (Beardo Comics) is a title that sneaks up on readers slowly, only to freak them out in the best possible way.

Touching Evil is a departure from creator Dan Dougherty’s previous work. He’s probably best known for Beardo, an award-winning autobiographical strip that’s been published in papers and running for the last decade. Where Beardo is funny, poignant, and sometimes brutally honest, Touching Evil is layered and nuanced, full of cruelty but also deep compassion. The story centers around a woman who, through the machinations of someone she trusted, ends up with the power to kill …

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