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TV Club: The Last Man On Earth spins its wheels, but at least Jeremiah was a bullfrog

There’s no other way to say it: “You’re All Going to Diet” is a wheel-spinning episode of The Last Man On Earth, a frustrating 22-minute pit stop that allows the gang a few more days to hang out in Malibu before inevitably deciding to leave their home. It’s overwhelmingly obvious where the episode is headed as soon as everyone confirms that Pat took off with his boat, but, Phil tries to assuage everyone’s fears but only ends up contributing to a culture of paranoia awakened by the preceding violence and terror. By the end, they all agree that the best decision is to leave and Phil leads them on a brand new adventure to find new shelter.

The problem with a plot-driven sitcom like LMOE is that episodes like these really drag, especially when most of it is spent just moving from one narrative beat to …

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