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TV Club: Joan and Sherlock are outclassed in “Worth Several Cities”

“Everything back in its rightful place, all in one piece.”

In the final minutes of the season premiere of Elementary, Joan and Shinwell took tentative steps toward understanding each other, on the verge of a painful but possibly rewarding transformation process. In the premiere’s opening scene, Sherlock snarked at a suspect about to jump to his death, to distract him long enough for Joan to knock him out. It was as timely a reminder as any that Elementary has the potential to be one of the most quietly affecting procedurals on TV, and equal potential to accidentally flatten out the nuances that set it apart. The failure mode for Elementary is becoming a standard CBS procedural.

“Folie à Deux” was a very busy episode to very little effect. “Worth Several Cities” acquits itself better on a plot level, giving us a case that, while not particularly mysterious, puts them …

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