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TV Club: Emily Blunt’s efforts can’t energize a dull SNL

“I’m not an actor, I’m a [movie] star!”

Sometimes a very good actor raises up Saturday Night Live by sheer strength of talent. Emily Blunt is a very good actor, and she’s shown she can play comedy just fine, but she didn’t elevate much of what she was given to play tonight. And this listless episode could have used some elevating.

Blunt was a gamer, allowing herself to be packed into a bulky robot costume (complete with modulated robot voice), and a bulky hamster costume (complete with buck hamster teeth), but this was just a low-energy show almost across the board. Blunt got the musical monologue treatment, which might not be fair, considering Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “going to win an Emmy” musical introduction last week, but her cast-aided version of “Get Happy” (also echoing Miranda’s call for an escape from the soul-sucking presidential campaign) never …

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