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TV Club: Ash Vs. Evil Dead parties hard with Ted Raimi and Stephen King

The Evil Dead franchise has always honored the past. Way back in November 1979, when director Sam Raimi, producer Robert Tapert, and star Bruce Campbell trekked into the woods of Tennessee, they arrived at the remote cabin wearing a number of influences on their bloody, tattered sleeves: H.P. Lovecraft, The Three Stooges, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and even the early works of Wes Craven. It’s in the murky mythology of the Necronomicon, Campbell’s physical comedy, the musky sets, and the lewd, unforgiving horror that often borders on pornographic. Yet Raimi wisely tethered these dusty influences to his own style, either by turning up the volume or subverting their tired formulas until they became a renewed spectacle, which then made them feel less like clever Easter eggs and more like learned quirks.

So, it’s not at all surprising to see Ash Vs. Evil Dead carry on …

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