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TV Club: All hail Divorce’s Thomas Haden Church

Consider the career of someone like Thomas Haden Church. Support player on a long-running sitcom like Wings, which he left after five years to head his own sitcom, the little-seen but exemplary Ned & Stacey. Probably made enough money doing voiceovers and animation work that he never needed to worry about appearing in front of the camera anyway. Then another iconic turn in an indie movie, as a womanizing actor in 2004’s Sideways. Over 10 years after that, in Divorce, Haden Church reinvents himself yet again.

I gave him some kudos for his mic-drop ending speech last week, but I fear I wasn’t effusive enough. Haden Church is the heart of this entire series—not Sarah Jessica Parker, the wife who has wronged him. The whole concept of Divorce as a sitcom is a head-scratcher, because there’s hardly anything more grueling for an adult to endure (short …

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