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Newswire: The Trump women aren’t sorry for channeling Beyoncé in SNL’s “Melanianade”

It’s no secret that the current Saturday Night Live team has a deep and abiding love for Beyoncé. (See “The Beygency” and “The Day Beyoncé Turned Black” for proof of just how far her SNL reach extends). Last night’s Emily Blunt-hosted episode delivered another lovingly crafted piece of Beyoncé worship in the form of the “Sorry”-esque “Melanianade.” In it, Melania Trump (alongside fellow female Trump loyalists Omarosa, Kellyanne Conway, and daughters Ivanka and Tiffany) finally reach the breaking point with the Donald’s various incidents of (alleged) sexual harassment and assault.

In another of the exquisitely executed music videos the show’s become known for in the last few seasons, “Melanianade” sees the women in Trump’s life saying “Sorry / I’m not sorry” to images of Alec Baldwin’s Trump as he scowls from big screen TVs, says that thing he said on that bus, and …

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