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Newswire: Parker Posey on her connection to Christopher Guest’s Corky St. Clair

When she finished making Waiting For Guffman, Parker Posey was “devastated.” After all, that was the end of her time with Corky St. Clair, Christopher Guest’s small-town theater maven. Posey was Libby Mae Brown, his devoted, gum-smacking ingenue. “I had never worked in this way that felt so real and felt like family. I loved Corky so much. I was so sad to lose him,” she told The A.V. Club during a recent phone interview. “I cried in the van on the way home, and he held my hand, and I didn’t think I’d see him again.”

But Posey got to reunite with Corky in Mascots, Guest’s new film, in which he reprises his role and she plays another acolyte of his (the movie just started streaming on Netflix). Posey steps into the mask of Cindi Babineaux, a mascot/modern dancer/performance artist at a …

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