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Double Takes: “Jack The Ripper in the future” inspired a wonder and a blunder of ’60s TV

Sometimes it’s just a similar premise. Sometimes the resemblance is uncanny. But every now and then a TV episode can’t help but recall another. In Double Takes, we explore the doppelgangers of television, the unshakable connections between them, and the illuminating distinctions.

Around the time Charles Manson came to Los Angeles to get famous, Jack The Ripper took off. Not that Jack the cultural figure had ever been as elusive as Jack the man. As horror maven Kim Newman puts it, he’s the most filmed uncaught serial killer of all time. But toward the end of the Psycho decade, a wave of Ripper-centric entertainment mounted. Jack was the boogeyman of a late-night TV movie stitched together from episodes of Boris Karloff’s previously unaired anthology series The Veil, a historical icon in Peter Barnes’ play and Peter Medak’s film adaptation of The Ruling Class, a villain …

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