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TV Club: Star Wars Rebels asks what one’s legacy means in a war without end, but offers few answers

To buy into “Hera’s Heroes,” you have to accept a fairly difficult concept. Namely, that Hera would be willing to risk her life and her crew’s lives to retrieve a family heirloom. Everything that we know about Hera up to this point has portrayed her as a dedicated believer in the rebel cause, a single-minded general who always kept her mind on the bigger picture. So to see Hera just jump into a mission to retrieve the Kalikori (I think this is how it’s spelled, based on its connection to this Wookiepedia entry) feels somewhat out-of-character. On paper, Hera going after an important item from her childhood and her identity is merely symbolic and foolish, but potentially character-defining. In execution, “Hera’s Heroes” never quite hit the resonant emotional beats needed to justify to the audience why she’s making this decision. I love Hera, but her …

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