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TV Club: Luke Cage clears the table for greater adversaries

“Suckas Need Bodyguards” is not quite a table-setting episode—it might be something closer to a “table-clearing” episode. The beginning of the season was focused on Luke’s mission to do right by Pop and take down Cottonmouth the right way. With Cottonmouth in cuffs at the end of this episode and Scarfe dead in Misty’s arms, the question is what’s left after this episode?

How Luke Cage clears the episode was certainly entertaining. A car chase, an underground shootout, Luke evading the police and breaking into Scarfe’s apartment: This episode felt closer to an action movie than the crime drama that’s been playing out this season. Claire and Misty are wonderful action heroes and the action in this episode plays well to Colter’s strengths: His intimidating presence and quiet confidence. Luke handily disposes of the bad guys in the basements he’s dragging Scarfe …

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