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Newswire: Rose McGowan says she was raped by a Hollywood studio head

For years now, actress Rose McGowan has been fiercely crusading against sexism in Hollywood, gaining attention with a bridge-burning Twitter post last June, where she called out a casting notice for an Adam Sandler movie that instructed actresses to wear form-fitting leggings, push-up bras, and cleavage-baring tank tops when auditioning for a part. At the time, McGowan noted, “I just want to make it better for the next girl coming after me, that she doesn’t have to sell her body and soul just because she wants to be a creative person. That isn’t the fine that you pay at the gate.”

Now—utilizing a hashtag that’s been reignited in the wake of allegations levied against presidential candidate Donald Trump—McGowan has revealed her own history with sexual assault, at the hands of an unnamed Hollywood studio head.

a (female) criminal attorney said because I’d done a …

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