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Is There a Costume Lady Gaga Would Give a Thumbs Down?

Lady Gaga — the woman who brought you a gown made of strategically placed raw meat and a wig of al dente spaghetti — just may have her limits when it comes to fashionable attire. You never know.

Her fashion forward followers on Twitter had their opinion of what the superstar would most definitely not wear come Halloween and got #RejectedLadyGagaOutfits trending.

Here are but a few of the doozies.

The Donald Trump Toupe Dress (just ew):

Trump toupée dress #2

— Donald J. Trump (@rea1Dona1d7rump) October 15, 2016

The Baby O Baby O Baby O Baby Body Suit:

The Tie-Dyed, Bug-Eyed, Orange-Haired, Giant… Thing:

#RejectedLadyGagaOutfits candyland meets googly eyes

— Ms Heather (@HeatherByTheSea) October 16, 2016

The Rag Rug Hat:

The Aliens Fashionista Dress:

The Aliens fashionista dress #RejectedLadyGagaOutfits

— asim (@asimcomedy) October 15, 2016

The “Don’t Leave Home Without It” Dress:

American Express Cards #RejectedLadyGagaOutfits

— Rose (@Gamiliell) October 15, 2016

The “Black Construction Paper Because I Forgot To Bring My Makeup” Mask:

Mask for her poker face #RejectedLadyGagaOutfits

— Noel Tapia (@Noel_T10) October 15, 2016

The “I Don’t Think I’m Going To Get Lucky Tonight Because No One Can Get Near Me” Dress:

#RejectedLadyGagaOutfits … this ridiculous inflatable star

— We’re All MAD Here (@WeRA11MadHere) October 15, 2016

The Frightening Fowl “Friends” Chapeau:

This one…#RejectedLadyGagaOutfits

— RockyReacts™✌ (@RockyReacts) October 15, 2016

The “Hiding Heavy Hips with Grandma’s Slip Covers” Dress:

The, uh… Um… Yeah, whatever…

And we’re back to Donald Trump again.


Vote for Clinton and Kaine!

— kalani brady (@InsecureDonald) October 16, 2016

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