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TV Club: Z Nation dives deep into a survivor’s ordeal, and surfaces with a great episode

Here’s the big problem when we talk about freedom: It’s almost never clarified what kind of freedom we’re discussing. If we mean the freedom to say whatever we want without fear of state reprisal, that’s a very different kind than, say, the freedom to live without significant worry we’ll be randomly attacked on the street. Both require a social contract, in which we agree to establish certain rules governing the society in which we live. But if one person wants freedom from constant fear, and another wants complete free will, as in the case of Will and 10k this week, there’s going to be conflict.

“Little Red And The Wolfz,” despite being an often hushed installment focused on 10k’s journey of survival and escape, is one of the weightier episodes of the series. Any time Murphy was conversing with the corpse of Dr …

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