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TV Club: The Exorcist gets ready for the main course with a mini-exorcism

Exorcist creator and Executive Producer Jeremy Slater has promised big things for the series’ fifth episode next week, most notably a 43-minute exorcism that takes place in real time. It’s understandable why he’d let the cat out of the bag just two weeks after the premiere of the series. There was a significant drop in ratings after a solidly watched opening, and it would be a shame if a new, slow-burn series that gets so much of its horror right got canceled so soon. Best to entice audiences to stick around a bit.

The downside is, most of the fourth episode, “The Moveable Feast,” is about getting to said exorcism. Since we already know that big centerpiece is going to happen just one week later, an already transitionary hour ends up feeling twice as transitionary. Casey spends the entire episode restrained in the hospital as doctors scramble to …

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