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TV Club: High Maintenance gets a little too self-aware with “Selfie”

We’re not a supporting player in the movie that is our life; we’re the marquee-hogging above-the-line star. And like actual Hollywood celebrities, our value as a commodity hinges on acknowledgment and validation from others. Humans are social creatures, and deny it as we might, the need for other people’s attention is pretty much embedded in our RNA sequencing. Which is all fine and good when this need stays within acceptable boundaries. But moderation ain’t everyone’s bag. The two distinct—and distinctly different—tales laid out in “Selfie” track what happens when this desire for attention shifts from normalcy to narcissism to full-metal pathology. One tale confidently sticks the landing; the other gets a bit too enamored with its own reflection.

Story one hits us with Anja Jacobs (Ismenia Mendes), a splashy twentysomething who, like put-near every other millennial, is all about the social media. Anja …

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