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The Ken Bone Backlash: 5 Reasons America Fell Out of Love (Photos)

The internet sensation held a Reddit discussion Thursday night, but Bone forget to delete old messages on his account, which fans quickly resurfaced.

Four months ago, Bone called Trayvon Martin’s death “justified.”  In the same post, he called Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman, a “big old s— bird.”

One user wrote, “We’re gonna find out Ken Bone is a 26 year long Klan member aren’t we?” Another joked, “A lot of rappers are probably deleting tracks titled Ken Bone right now.”

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Bone once chimed in on a Reddit thread called “PreggoPorn” and he referred to pregnant women as “beautiful human submarines.”

Bone discussed the benefits of a vasectomy, writing, “I had mine done 2 years ago. Sexual satisfaction is way up.” He said his wife “loves it too” and he “can’t recommend it enough.”

In another post, he admitted to forging insurance documents so he could keep his pizza delivery job.

“I forged documents to make it look like I had car insurance so I wouldn’t get fired,” he wrote. “Can’t say how I did them, I don’t know how long the statute of limitations is on that.”

On Thursday, news also broke that Bone had made a deal with Uber to advertise its new “Uber Select” service.

Fans quickly accused him of being a sellout.

“It took Ken Bone less than a day to sell out,” Tristian Biaocco wrote on Twitter. Smita Prakash added, “Undecided voter he was but sure knew how to butter his bread. Sell out in 48 hours.”

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