A.V. Club

Staff Picks: A picture book to peruse, gins to swill, and puzzles to solve


Perhaps gin is my favorite liquor because I’ve never gotten sick from too many gin shots (Who takes shots of gin? Show yourself!), though I like to think it’s based in gin’s versatility. From the classic gin and tonic to something more adventurous like a Jitterbug Perfume (gin, beet shrub, luxardo triplum, framboise, lime), I’ll drink it. But as with most cocktails, it’s all about the base, which is why I’ve been trying out a few local Midwestern-made gins whenever I get the chance. Some favorites include: Chicago’s Letherbee Distillers Gin, a fennel-heavy number that works especially well in gin and tonics (Letherbee also has amazing seasonal gin offerings); Three Oaks, Michigan’s Journeyman Distillery Bilberry Black Hearts Gin, which provides a fun little kick of black licorice flavor; and Holland, Michigan’s New Holland Brewing Blue Haven Gin, which is steeped …

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