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Newswire: Wet Hot American Summer sequel series welcomes new camper Mark Feuerstein

Earlier this year, Netflix announced its plans to return to Camp Firewood for a Wet Hot American Summer sequel series that will take place 10 years after the film. Appropriately enough, the new show is titled Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later, and it will be directed by David Wain, who’s co-writing the series with Michael Showalter. There haven’t been an official casting announcements, but the core cast is presumably returning. (After all, the immortal Paul Rudd can easily play an older or younger version of himself as needed.) And when the gang does get back together 10 years after their last day of summer camp, they’ll be joined by a friend who has apparently been in their beeswax all along.

Deadline reports that Mark Feuerstein has been cast in a major role. The Royal Pains alum will play “a friendly, hard-working guy” and …

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