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Newswire: Stranger Things adds two new players to the cast

Season two of Stranger Things is already in development, with fans clamoring for more of the Upside Down while resigning themselves to no more Barb. If you were paying attention during the renewal announcement, you might have already deduced that the flashing headlines correspond to episode titles for the new season. But those phrases—which include “MadMax,” “The Storm,” “The Pollywog,” and “The Lost Brother”—didn’t actually reveal much about the plot. (Though “The Boy Who Came Back To Life” has already been determined to be about Will, and “The Pollywog” has got to be about that gross slug.)

Luckily, there’s some new casting info out that there could shine some light on the direction of the story, which will run for nine episodes in season two. According to The Hollywood Reporter, fan favorite and Jean-Ralphio’s dad Steve Harrington and Will Byers will be back for another …

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