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Newswire: Ride Along is getting the threequel treatment

The Ride Along universe is expanding into a trilogy. According to The Wrap, a Ride Along 3—following up the Kevin Hart and Ice Cube-starring Ride Along and Ride Along 2—is in the works. Director Tim Story told the publication he and screenwriters Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi are currently devising new hijinks for the pair. “We’re writing the script right now … we’re excited for the idea and what it can be and of course bringing Kevin [Hart] and Ice Cube back together because they are the greatest odd couple in the world,” he said. Somewhere, Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon are shedding tears at that statement.

Ride Along rests on the setup of Cube as an intimidating police officer and Hart as the sheepish dude wooing his sister. Reviewing the second installment, The A.V. Club wrote that the movies “are bound by cop-movie conventions and …

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