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Newswire: Jeffrey Dean Morgan still hopes to play an alternate Batman for Zack Snyder

In what is emphatically not a pun about his character’s weapon of choice on The Walking Dead, Jeffrey Dean Morgan says he still hopes to play a Batman. The actor—who played doomed bat-dad Dr. Thomas Wayne in Zack Snyder’s Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justicerecently told CinemaBlend that he’s still holding out hope for an alternate DC Extended Universe, where his character gets to wear the cape and cowl, and Bruce Wayne got shot instead.

Lest that sound like some weirdly passive-aggressive daydreaming about Ben Affleck getting killed, it’s worth noting that Morgan was referencing an actual plot point from Flashpoint, a 2011 DC Comics crossover event. In the series, resident speedster the Flash goes back in time to save his own mother—a plot idea that’s been referenced more than once by The CW’s Flashleading a bunch of heroes to …

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