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Newswire: Harley Quinn’s punk band takes the stage in this exclusive preview

Superhero rock bands have become a thing in recent years with books like Spider-Gwen and Black Canary, and Harley Quinn has embraced the trend with its most recent storyline casting Harley and friends as a punk group to catch a band of criminals. Harley is much more dangerous than the leads in those other two books, though, and this preview of next week’s Harley Quinn #6 reveals the danger of heckling GG Harlin during her set.

Writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner have made this title one of DC’s best sellers by telling zany, high-energy stories that prioritize action and comedy (with a healthy dollop of sex), and the comic hasn’t lost any of its wacky charm with DC Rebirth. It helps that not much has changed with the new volume. Chad Hardin and John Timms are still sharing art duties, and the addition of Bret Blevins …

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