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Newswire: A new Texas Chain Saw-themed BBQ joint just opened for business

A new barbecue joint in the Lone Star State is about as common as a vegan coffee shop in Portland, but a new barbecue joint inside the gas station featured in the original Texas Chain Saw Massacre is something to buzz about.

The Gas Station opened up last week to long lines, with people waiting close to three hours to throw down on some brisket, sausage, and a few pieces of white bread. Patrons are not encouraged to play Grandpa’s hammer game at the table. And if the ’itis sets in on you after the ribs and you need a place to crash, there are also cabins on site that patrons can rent out for the night. (Sleeping in a cabin in Texas? The only question that remains is who’s going to get you first: Freddy, Jason, or Leatherface.) There’s also a gift shop on hand where …

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